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Samba with Kindness was created by the Menos é Mais group, with the aim of promoting social inclusion through music, especially samba. The initiative came from people and the goal is to develop human values ​​and share good times with communities on the margins of society, such as children in need, old and sick.


In addition to the approach to these communities, the project seeks to understand the social and emotional context from the dialogue during the visitation period. Entertainment is the way the collective has found to interact with these groups. Between jokes, songs and smiles, we seek to find solutions to the problems experienced by them.


We seek to foster the project with donations and timely internet campaigns to achieve the goal of actions. With the demand of the interested parties, we will create a calendar of initiatives, we will make partnerships with other social projects and companies. Thus, we will give institutions opportunities to participate in the actions.


The project accounts will be opened so that the donors can supervise the process of acquiring products to carry out actions and be informed of the results generated by the actions. These donations will be made in musical presentations of the groups involved in the project and in "kitties" online.


Create a tool so that social actions are made feasible and disclosed. Interventions in spaces and communities with information about the action will be made available in social networks so that social practices, besides being seen, serve as an incentive for other artists who wish to show their activities related to social inclusion.